Wednesday, August 26, 2015

i support this blog

hey guys today is my birthday YES! ill be starting grade 6 soon cookycupcake i made the banner you wanted my family come 2 days ago and we saw them yesterday wow where they being CRAZY! 2 or 3 day siting in the car with nothing to do i know how it feels any way here is the banner if you support this blog please feel free to put it up thats what its for :-0 not a good banner bat i will make better ones later
chow jammers


  1. Congrats on Grade 6 woohoo! That mean you are halfway done with school (not counting college)! Thanks for the icon! It will be up on my blog shortly! Also, today was my schedule pickup! sqaaaa! Thanks again mer.!

  2. i only crop it and added the i support part i will make you a better one when i have the chance!

  3. NO wait mer! i can make my own for you relax!

  4. ok im never going to relax i have three siblings :-)
    chow for now



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