Friday, November 27, 2015

xmas parade

hey guys i wanted to tell you i might get my mum to videotape the xmas parade im going to be in and i might post it im a scout if you have heard of then its a group mostly for boys but there are girls in it to ......... so theres beavers the cubs the scouts ect my sister is a bever my brother is a cub and im a scout its really fun if your in to camping and being outside the groups are by age to to bevers is for little kids 4 to 6/7 cubs is from 8 to 11 scouts is from 11 to 14 so ya we have a float in it and ill be walking in it last year as a cub i got to ride the firetruck  with santa (aka my leader ) but the firetruck did not show up meh it was still fun maybe you will see if there is  scouts where you live scouts canada .ca or some thing like that is the website i think its just in canada so im not sure where you live but... look into it maybe you know some one who might like it! so ya back to what i was saying ill be a tent yay my bffs are a lantern and a  canoe yes we are dressing up as stuff we do as scouts! talk to you later  (wow this may be the longest post i have ever done XD) see ya



  1. Sorry that I am so late to comment, but that sounds like so much fun!

  2. Sounds like fun!
    I am almost a Senior scout (a few more years!!)
    and we march in the memorial parade!


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