Tuesday, September 22, 2015

about me...

ok this is for the about me page it has been blank FAR TO LONG 

so hi! im meredith um i like to read a lot im sorta tall i like art playing outside going down to the warf witch is a little walk away from my house what is a warf you ask? its where all the fishing boats dock trust me there are a LOT of warfs around people here fish for lobster so i have 2 brothers and 1 sister ummm what else im i like to read the warrior cat books and im makeing my own book of them with my own cats i made and the cats thats me willowstar is her name :) i like makeing new friends playing with old ones i live in nova scotia not telling where tho :) never ever EVER EVER make me do math i HATE MATH sorry to ppl who dont i like helping avents that go on around .... thats it i guess bye!!!


  1. I guess I should share some things about myself
    ~In real life I'm pretty good at drawing mostly dogs, anything else i have difficulty with.
    ~I am celebrating my one year on AJ in November.
    ~I am a sixth grader.
    ~I blog often (Well, not too often; too much school work)

  2. im about the same im a sixth grader to hehe


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