Sunday, September 27, 2015

i have a contest for you :D

hey guys :D i have a contest for you hehe this you might want to think about
here is the contest the one i like the best wins :D

what kind of world do you think ajhq should make?
what kind of animal?
do you think the world should have a game? if so the what
a pet maybe?
or items that will come out in it?

PRIZE : rare frankenstein mask :D
see ya later jammers ! :D


  1. I think AJHQ should make a Candy World!
    It could be sorta like Candyland. I think it would be nice to get away from all of the realistic lands and enter a more fantasy-type one.
    As for the animal, definitely turtles! I mean not the pets, but an actual animal! Maybe I should say tortoise because turtles are smaller than tortoises.
    The new world could have a game like candy sorting. It could be a lot like Candy Crush Saga and you can win exclusive items (ones that can only be obtained through that game), as well as gems. Heck, maybe even diamonds!
    A pet could maybe a ferret. You can give it candy/sweets themed clothing to dress it up. Like a banana split costume or a cherry hat!
    Items could be, as mentioned earlier, banana split costumes, cherry hats, whipped cream hats, cherry shoes, candy necklaces, etc.

    Thanks for hosting a contest!


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