Monday, October 19, 2015

you animals old name or your user...

hey guys long time no post heheheh get it? .......(i suck at jokes not ya not funny)
anyway here is some thing new AJHQ added to animal jam
see the name tag thing it makes it so you name tag under you animal is you user name or like my wolfs name (rosy sillybug ) neat! i did not know that for a bit cuz i was seeing people with it and i was thinking hmm are they glitched NOPE! well talk to you soon jammers


  1. I quite like this feature. It allows people to easily see your username. This is especially important if you are crowd trading. Anyways, I'm going to post this later on my blog, but in Mid-November, I will be hosting a blogger meet and greet. Animal Jam Blog owners are invited to come, and fans will come and talk to their favorite blog authors. I will have more details on my blog later today. :)

  2. nice sounds awesome ill try to be there!!!!



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