Friday, August 21, 2015

rob | post 2

mister howl : ok lets see who is here
mister howl : maple ( brown deer)
maple: here
mister howl : rob
rob: here
mister howl : berry ( pink
berry: here
mister  howl : snowball ( snow 
snowball:here (this is just so you know who is who)
mister howl: grape (purple deer)
grape: here
mister howl : mango (gray rhino)
mango : here
mister howl: peppy
peppy :here
mister howl : ice
ice: here ( so i think you get the order now ?)
mister howl : ok we dont have all day so i will just say the last 2 moon and bonnie
bonnie and moon: here
mister howl ok class we are going on a class trip to the pet shop you will be able to pick out ONE pet if your mother and father let you come that is
rob : snowball did you hear that!
snowball: ya! a pet i hope mom and dad let me come !
mister wolf :ok class time for phantom training
rob : oh no! phantom training!
berry :noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
grape : eep!
mister howl : i will take rob out to do it first

sorry guy i have to get some phantom stuff first till the next ROB THE FOX!


  1. hey mer. i wanted to show my support of the AJ Utopia. Can you put up an image so i can have it on my blog
    ~thanks cookycupcake

  2. sure i have wanted to make some thing for that i have just not got around to doing it..... ( and im not sure how.....)


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