Monday, August 10, 2015

Life of Me | Post 1

so i guess to day in monday that means the life of me im so happy family i have not seen in like 2 years in driving 2 days just to come for my bday! that mean when they get here i will not be posting much :( and i get to go to the post office to get my bday gift from my grandma booya!  im hopeing to get some new books (im a book worm) my brother and sister have there gifts for me ready they made cards for me yesterday (they are not good at hiding stuff my mom is the same way XD) well gtg post on my other blog ttyl jammers

note to fang
can you post for me well im gone i will post when they come ?_?


  1. fang my famliy is going to be here on the 25 so i will not post from the 24 - 29 sorry fro such a long time :( bat it will be good to see them

  2. here are some suggestions to help make you blog amazingly fantabulos!

    1. not so good at that type of stuff..................


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